v2.33 – March 2017


London City is a diverse and vibrant community of varied visitors, socialising and enjoying daily events, hangouts, pubs, clubs, shopping and concerts.

When visiting the community we ask that you be tolerant of individuality, not to abuse, attack, impede, bite, excessive gesture, or cause annoyance that impacts the enjoyment of other visitors. Common decency is expected.

No advertising, group invites, carding up, mass teleports, no spamming of any kind, including spam friending, object "presents" to visitors, titler advertising or any other means to circumvent our advertising policy.  Legitimate advertising is available via paid advertising boards around the regions.

Please do not use orb shield devices.  If a new resident bumping you causes annoyance, please get a move-lock from the freebie store. Alternatively, move away from areas intended for New Residents.

Due to the nature of phishing links and the vulnerability of new users, we request that you do not post URL’s in group or local chat.

We respectfully ask that Owner, Manager and Staff tags from other regions are not worn in London City.  This is a mutual courtesy. We do not wear our staff tags in your regions and ask that you show a similar respect in ours.

Access to the London City regions is by open invitation. We reserve the right to remove anyone at any time, who in our view, works against the spirit of the community.


London City operates a team of trained support staff to help residents.  You can identify our staff by their London Support tag.  Since we have our own support team, we have no need of third party helpers, mentors, vigilante, security or other support groups.  We would appreciate it, if "helpers/mentors", untagged before coming to these regions so as to not confuse others.   We remove those using bogus Support tags, without prior warning.  Our staff can be identified by “London City Greeters" and/or "Mainland London Staff" and/or "London City Gateway"  groups appearing in their profile.


London City operates an official Community  Gateway region, "London City Gateway".  Its sole purpose is for the orientation of new residents joining Second Life.  As such, these new residents are given priority to the gateway region.  At times of high useage, or during tutorials,  experienced residents will be asked to leave the region. The Gateway ends as the new resident is led out of the Gateway region and into the Hub area of 'London City'. New residents are encouraged to integrate with the community in the London City region.


This area is located in front of the Freebie shop. Priority in this area is for new users.  New users often visit here first and as such, we wish to give them the best initial experience and impression of Second Life.  It is expected that older residents in this area will conduct themselves appropriately.  In simpler language, keep the discussions out of the gutter.


In real life, We are based in the UK, where life is liberal and accepting of people's differences.  We bring these values with us to London City in Second Life, and trust that visitors will embrace this society without bigotry.

We recognise the differences that exist between people beyond age and experience, such as gender, race, ethnicity, mental and physical ability, creed, colour, caste, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, education, marital, financial and other statuses.  We believe that the differences and varied perspectives of life that people bring with them, has a positive impact on the community and is a strength to be embraced.  We will work to protect these basic freedoms and for those whose actions denigrate others, the invitation to visit will be withdrawn.


London City is a privately owned estate. Access to this estate is not a rite of passage.  We are not obligated to host any avatar we do not wish to.

London City will not host avatars that cause sustained disruption.  This includes those with antisocial or abusive behaviour, members of groups and estates known to be disruptive in London City;  constant excessive render weights, excessively annoying for whatever reason, and those who are broadly offensive, continuously flouting covenant, vigilantes or hate groups, or those who are damaging to the performance and enjoyment of these regions.

You have freedom of expression to discuss the subjects you wish to talk about.   However this does not extend to subject matter and behaviour that is obviously going to cause distress or broad offense to the majority of other users or denigrate the estate and its members and staff .  Expression of extremist fanaticism of political and religious views or avatars that represent extremism or fanaticism, that is likely to be distressing to the majority of residents, is considered disruptive behaviour.

We do not host "Forever Noob"accounts years into their gameplay.  You need to update your avatar or switch from your 'alt' to your main.  This is to preserve the immersive and progressive experience for everyone.

Please refrain from using avatars of an unreasonable size.

If you believe a member of our team has acted inappropriately, been unfair, intolerant or has acted outside of this covenant, please make your complaint the support portal:
Please do not use IM or Local Chat for issues pertaining to governance.


Whilst nudity is not prohibited in Moderate regions, it is discouraged. Nudity (genitals obviously on display) is not permitted in General regions.  Sexual predators, pests, states of arousal or content that is broadly offensive or distressing  is not permitted.   Please report prostitutes/webcam-girls to a member of London Support.


No role playing.  Child avatars are not permitted in any regions we designate as Adult.  Whilst permitted elsewhere, we strongly discourage the use of child avatars, given the obvious connotations and predisposition to abuse.


No Role play. No Biting, No vampire/lycan activities, including promoting. We will remove those who role play, recruit to group, teleport other users or cause a nuisance.  No Pyramid/Get Rich Quick schemes.

Please keep imagery and descriptions within the context of the region maturity rating.


Vote rigging, logging accounts to vote for you and canvassing others to vote for you is deemed as cheating.  If a pattern emerges where a regular entrant is inactive throughout a contest, they will be removed from the board.  To give everyone a fair chance,  if you regularly win contests, you may be asked to sit out some contests to give others an even chance.

Our staff and team are not permitted to enter contests including free-to-play sploders. Sometimes when few people have joined a contest  "free for all" may be declared and only at that point will our team join in.  Contests are for visitors, not staff.


Voice is enabled so residents can enjoy conversations with each other.   However a certain etiquette is expected.   Be respectful. Do not cause deliberate annoyance.  Please do not hog the voice channel.  Remember to give other people a chance to join in too. Those who "key-up and go for it", without ever pausing for breath or giving way to other people, should be encouraged to give it a periodic rest.


Each venue has its own application procedure.  Please contact the club manager to discuss vacancies.

We hope that you will enjoy working with us and stay forever.   We also recognise and respect that some people are more transient than others and will leave and move on for various reasons, including circumstances and career moves.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.   Whether you loved it or hated it; endings are inevitably a time of mixed emotion and heightened sensitivity.

We ask that if our working relationship ends for whatever reason, good or bad, that both parties have a chance to reflect, giving everyone time to adjust to change.  As a sign of an amicable parting, we request that if you leave the team, you do not visit the estate for 21 days.  This cool down period helps to avoid inadvertently causing distress to each other.


London City is a privately owned estate and is not affiliated, nor related to any other London in Second Life or other grids.   We have no associations with any real life companies.   We are innovative people and from time to time, other entities hang to our coat tails and insert our brand in their search terms or land. Unless a region is named London City, it is not part of this estate.



Please contact Billy Arentire or Torric Rodas, in-world for support.
To contact us out of world, a support portal is available at

We will re-texture the inside of your store to suit your taste and will send a welcome notice about your store in our groups on request. We currently have 300,000+ members in groups.    Our rental rates are competitive, the traffic is high and the service you can expect is second to none.

Thanks to our advertising and promotional experience, we believe we will add value to your business in the form of brand awareness via promotion in London City Estate and via external resources readily available to us.  

1. Terms of Rental
We are here to assist you.  Please contact us with concerns about the following terms; we will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

(1.1) London City is an exclusive and desirable estate. There is an expectation that those renting space here will have fundamental Second Life knowledge and an understanding of how to set up a store.  Potential merchants of less than 60 days of age are encouraged to defer renting until they gain experience.

( 1.2 )  Please pay rent on time.   Arrears are at your own risk.   Our rental system will start to remind you 3 days prior to your rental expiring, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that your payments are up to date. We do not offer a period of grace.  We will not be held responsible for the loss or condition of returned inventory. Your renewal may be declined if you constantly operate in arrears.

( 1.3)  If you intend to use more than just simple sales vendors in your store please contact us before renting.   London City has many thousands of visitors each day and script time is subsequently of paramount importance.  A highly scripted visitor will come and go from the regions, but a complex script in a vendor is always present will degrade the performance for all visitors and other merchants.   Please do not use proximinity scanners as these can cause severe performance issues.  (Touch to join group or invitations triggered by collision should be used instead).  We do not permit the use of any device that constantly listens.

( 1.4 )  No floating texts on your vendors. They will bleed through walls into your neighbours store and can cause annoyance).  If you must use an object with a hover text, it must be placed in the centre of your store.

( 1.5 )  Rez inside the boundaries of your property only.  Do not place objects on sidewalks near to your store.  Please do not rez on the outside of exterior walls.

( 1.6 )  Stay within your agreed prim limit.  The rental system will remind you if you go over prim.  We reserve the right to return objects to bring you within your limit.   If you need more prims, please contact us for an adjustment to your rental BEFORE rezzing over the agreed limit.  Sometimes when regions are full, we do not have the capacity to allocate more prims.

( 1.7 )  Please avoid excessive scripted objects and those known to cause lag. Please do not run needless scripted objects.

( 1.8 )  The use of temp rezzers, zero prim rezzers, holographic rezzers of any description is not permitted.

( 1.9 )  For best rendering speed, keep texture resolution at 512x512.   1024x1024 graphics will be slow to rez and your store will appear grey for a long time and you could miss potential sales.

( 1.10 )  Please use signage that is within keeping with the appearance of other stores around you.  Please avoid "blinging" out your neighbours.  We are happy to help you with signage.  Please do not "prim-over" the external design of your store, or add external extensions, modifications or awnings to the property.

( 1.11 )  Please do not post ads for your store in the London groups.  If you require additional advertising in the group or using other methods, contact us, it is a free service and we are happy to help.

( 1.12)  Membership of the Rez group is limited to the person renting the property. One additional person can be offered the rez group for rentals of more than 50 prims.  We will not issue multiple invitations to others. Support is offered to the main tenant.

( 1.13 )  We have no control over the general health of the grid itself.  We do not offer any form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, for things beyond our control.

( 1.14 ) Our primary role to our clients is the rental of space.  We are landlords, not an advertising agency, but as a courtesy we will promote your shop once a month in our groups but you will need to request this and provide the wording.  The very best way for you to raise your profile is to be an active member of the community and visit the hotspots in the London City regions.

( 1.15 ) The use of scripted agents that take up an avatar 'space' on regions is not permitted without prior consent.

( 1.16 )  Please refrain from using looped repetitive sounds in your store.  Whilst it might create ambience for you, it can have a negative impact on neighbouring stores and can cause annoyance.

(1.17)  We cannot offer exclusivity of brand to franchise resellers.  If you decide to set up store reselling third party products, it is possible that someone else within the estate is also selling the same range.  Think carefully and do some research before setting up a store and avoid setting up a brand that already exists within the same region.

2. Saturation
A limit is imposed to promote a diverse selection of stores from multiple merchants and a measure to prevent 'holes' appearing, giving a negative and false impression as to the health of the estate, should a tenant end their rentals all at once.

A client may not rent more than 2 stores within the estate without prior agreement.
A client may not rent more than 3 advertisement boards within the estate without prior agreement.

3. Musical Chairs
If a shop becomes vacant at another location, you are welcome to rent it, but you will need to keep your existing property for the duration on the rental period remaining.   We do not relocate tenants from one shop to another, unless we expressly agreed this at the time of your initial rental.  This is to prevent a chain reaction of everyone moving from one location to another and creating a vast loop of administration, i.e. retexturing, adding signage, moving the rental system and re-advertising the now vacant parcel.  This is a non negotiable due to the excessive work it creates for our team.

4. Business Type
To protect our interests, London City retains all rights to all venues and as such does not permit the operation of any business or service that contravenes terms of service.  In addition, these type of business are excluded from operating inside the London City Estate;
(i) 3rd party Clubs
(ii) Stores whose sole purpose is a hook to a competitor’s shopping mall/region
(iii) Money, banking and loan systems
(iv) Real Estate stores or agencies selling rentals outside of this estate
(v) Shops selling advertising space
(vi) Subletting, renting from us and selling your rental on to a third party
(vii) Casino's, zyngo/gaming
(viii) Recruitment posts.
(ix) Shops that exist to take surveys of players, demographics or harvest information in any way.
(x) Anything that contravenes terms of service.

5. Fads and Whims
No breedables, farms or items that self replicate.

6. Abandonment and Neglect
( 6.1 ) Certain basic standards are expected of merchants in the interests of being fair to other clients of London City.   Your store is expected to be smart in appearance. Grunge that has been thoughtfully applied is fine, but random placement of objects that makes it look like you were prim bombed is not.  Vendors should not be dropped in an ad-hoc random fashion.   Please check your vendors when set-up to ensure they are an adequate distance from the wall so that they do not flicker.  Disable hover text!

( 6.2 ) You should set your store up within a reasonable time, as empty stores are unappealing and can have negative impact on other local traders.   If the space is left empty for an unreasonable period of time without notice, then it will considered abandoned and the lease will be ended without refund.   Please do not rent space and then defer setting up.

(6.3) If a lease is terminated due deliberate and flagrant violation of these rental terms and conditions, inappropriate conduct, abandonment, or breach of SL Terms of Service, refunds will not be given.

(6.4 ) No refund or transfer of rent is issued if a tenant decides to terminate their rental.

7. Charity
We ask that you avoid placing advertisements saying that your earnings will be given to charity, as it cannot be verified that you are in fact doing so and the statement could therefore be misleading.

8. Home in London
( 8.1 )  Homes are for non-commercial use only.

9. Development
(9.1 ) Please be aware that London City is an ever evolving, living and breathing estate.  As such we reserve the right to modify the layout and content at any time, to add, remove and streamline facilities, modify landing points, agent limits, add and remove regions and districts, for the intended good of all our mutual businesses.
(9.2) We will always do our level best to continue to add value to your investment here and to encourage healthy traffic to the estate.

10. Grievances, Complaints, Suggestions Policy

( 10.1)  We hope that our clients have a pleasant time with London City.  If you find our service lacking in any way, please talk to us during your rental period so that we can make attempts to rectify any wrong doing.   Please bear in mind that we are only renting space to you, not a shareholding stake and that this is not a guarantee of sales.  We do not enter into grievance discussions once a rental has ended.

(10.2)  Visitors (non-paying clients): whilst we try our best to ensure all other visitors have a great experience of London City, please understand that our first priority is to our clients. Comments and suggestions should be made via notecard, support ticket on the blog, or by IM.  Local chat are not considered an appropriate channel for complaint and will be ignored.  (Please note that Notecard and Support tickets will get a quicker response than IM as they afford us a chance to explore solutions).    


Help for Private Land Rentals can be found here:

All Home Rental Parcels come with the following Group/Land permissions:

Change media settings
Deed objects to group (media)
Eject and Freeze Residents
Eject members from Group
Manage Allowed and Banned Residents list
Set Home to Here
Return non group objects
Return objects owned by group (deeded)
Set privacy (see and chat with others)
Set land to public or private access

These parcels are for your home.  They are Private, non-commercial rentals. Please do not operate gallaries, nighclubs or businesses from your land.  Please build/rez on the ground and your building should be in keeping with the theme.  Please build/rez within your parcel boundaries. No Skyscrapers. No Breedables or farms.

You may wish to add a path to the roadside which encroaches outside of your land boundary.  If so, it should be in keeping with the region ambience.  You will need to link it to a key-prim within your parcel to prevent it from auto-returning.

Upon renting, please tell us the names of any additional residents you would like added to your land rez group.   Please ask your guests to respect our covenant and not to cause annoyance to your neighbours or other visitors.  You can eject your visitors from group at any time.

For additional help, please see the Rentals tab on the main blog.


v2.33 March 2017
    - HUB, Keep the subject matter out of the gutter

v2.32 March 2017
    - Diversity and general tidy up of obsolete items

v2.30 January 2017
    - VOICE Category

v2.21 December 2016
    - Tidy up of redundant items

v2.20 November 2016
    - Freedom of expression explained

v2.19 September 2016
    - Rental terms (item 1.3) Simple scripting of store vendors

v2.15 July 2016
    - Disprutive, explained.

v2.13 June 2016
    - Aboards must be within the maturity rating of the region.

v2.12 May 2016
    - Avatars of an unreasonable size

v2.11 March 2016
    -   Vigilante also considered disruptive, e.g. ABS spam group

v2.10 January 2016
    -   Nudity explained
    -   Gateway introduced

v2.08 November 2015
    - Disruptive residents revised
    - Contests revised

v2.07 - July 2015
    - Revised Adult region

v2.06 - June 2015

- Disruptive amendment:  Dressed forever as noob/ambience
- Disruptive amendment: Extremism/Hate

V2.05 – June 2015
- section added: Working for London

v2.00 April 2015
- General tidy up.  No new terms added or removed.

v1.87 December 2014
    -1.16 resellers

v1.86 November 2014

    - Adult Areas / nudity in moderate
    - Support /  Complaints about staff
    - Disruptive Avatars
    - Contests / Frequent winners / Staff Entrants

v1.85 July 2014

    - Web links
    - 2.0 Saturation policy revised.

v1.84 May 2014

    - 1.1 Store rentals, residents should be 60+ days
    - 1.12 invitations to rez groups

v1.82 February 2014

    -   Contest rules
    -   4. Business types; Added recruitment posts, survey stores

v1.81 January 2014

    - Added the word Casino to 4.Business Types to better describe definition of the word 'gaming'.

v1.80 December 2013
    -    Manager/Owner Tags in main covenant
    -    Invites to rez group: merchant and nominated person
    -    Support limited to client (not nominated)
    -    Adult region reworded to Adult parcel
    -    Musical chairs now offers explanation instead of just plain “no”
    -    London City is a privately owned estate
    -    Defining Client v's Visitor
    -    Local chat not considered a forum for making complaints.
    -    Spell checked and reworded in some parts

v1.70 July 2013
    - Spam friending
    - Child Avatars: Permitted but strongly discouraged/unsavoury.
    - Vampire/Lycan/Pyramid Schemes.

v1.62 May 2013
    - Child Avatars: discouraged in estate, not permitted in adult.
    - Support:  client priority and complaints (10.2)
    - Business types to exclude banks
    - renumbering of clauses instead of alphabetic points for easier reading.

v1.61 February 2013
    -1O Looped sounds

v1.60 January 2013
    - Typo corrections
    -1H  Advice on render size changed from 256 to 512

v1.59 December 2012
    - Adult Ads outside of guidelines

v1.58 October 2012
    - 1A - Constant Arrears
    - Adult Region - disallowing child avatars. Common decency.

v1.57 July 2012
    - 1(M) Definition of primary role to clients.
    - 1(N) Automated agents in shops.
    - 2 Saturation, not more than one shop per region.
    - 6(B) Abandonment  period clarified.

    - Added category, Support > Third Party Helpers

    - Numbered clauses for easier reference.
    - New clause; Saturation
    - Diversity policy addition: religious, marital and financial
    - Non Affiliation now under own segment
    - Removed philosophy or removal as this is covered by annoyance
    -withdrawing open invitation to visit
    -excessive gestures
    -gambling and gaming
    -condition of returned inventory
    -definition of non-commercial

This Covenant forms part of the creative works and intellectual property of London City Estate. You many not copy, distribute, modify, adapt or translate any content of this covenant.  It is not available under the Creative Commons or any other license. (c)2010,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 Torric Rodas, Billy Arentire.  All rights reserved.

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